Letter from Adirondack Filters

Adirondack Filters
October 26, 2012

To all Valued AdirondackFilters.com customers,

We have changed the way we ship to our customers around the United States and Canada.  Our prices have included shipping costs in the past, and we have had to price our products with freight in mind. 

We have taken time to study what other companies are offering so that we could price our products in a way that would allow you to more easily compare our prices to the competition.  As result , our prices no longer include free shipping,  and the shipping costs will be calculated and visible before you check out your shopping cart. As you add items to your shopping cart there is a handy shipping cost estimator at the bottom of the screen .

We use Fedex ground for all of our shipments and we ship within 24 business hours of your order. We are part of a buying group that enables us to get very low national shipping rates with FedEx so we are confident that are prices to your door will be the lowest in the industry. 

We hope that this will not be an inconvenience to you  as we are extremely grateful for your business. AdirondackFilters.com is the only place online to fine the lowest prices in filters, filter powder and grill cleaning items.

Thank you for your loyal support through the years, and we look forward to  serving you in the future.

Sales team at AdirondackFilters.com